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15 July 2009 @ 11:19 am
saikin hamatteiru mono  


I have not posted here in a while, huh? Nothing much has happened since summer vacation started.

Summer school is starting August 3rd, so I am bracing myself for 5 wonderful weeks of 4 hour day bio and chem classes. My finals are on the same day too! September 5th. Hopefully I will allow myself to buy a $700 plane ticket to Taiwan for a week before I have to return to SD. I have not been there before, so I am looking forward to the trip (though my expectations of actually successfully following through with this plan is quite low).

ja, I believe that is it for now.


P.S. I am hoping to get a new computer. Currently trying to decide between a Vaio, Toshiba, and Macbook.
I hate Vista.
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