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12 May 2009 @ 10:14 pm
やった!the LA Lakers just won by 40 points vs. the Rockets...

I was never really into basketball until this quarter thanks to the guys across the hall and their 42" (笑)

I know I don't blog here... or haven't blogged here in forever, but summer is almost here and I think I will start getting into photoshopping and graphics for my fandoms... which in addition to NEWS... include DBSK/TVXQ and Big Bang. My japanese has expanded thanks to all those dramas I watched this year. Yay. and I keep a japanese blog, which also helps (ameblo.jp/annaxt). It's actually a lot of fun. This summer, I plan on working crazy hours to earn enough money for my hopeful trip to Japan in september. Wish me luck! がんばろうYO!

Yea, so that's that.

Must study for physics, chem, and math now.

and write my paper.


- アンナ

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